Q. What is the figure of the Greek Island named Amorgos?

A. The pattern of Amorgos dry land is the Monastery of Hozoviotissa.

Q. Why should a Monastery turn the design of this island?

A. The Monastery of Hozoviotissa is an amazing building wedged
into a mammoth drop-off at 300m from the sea. It is ingenious adequate to go an figure.

Q. What else weather condition add up to the aesthetic of this Monastery?

A The deposit is encircled by brobdingnagian cliffs, region trees and several
Wonderful beaches inundated with superb softening dirt.

Q. How can we get to Amorgos Island?

A. You can get to Amorgos Island by ferries from Piraeus.You will
Then get to the undersized marina of Aegiali located in the nor'-east of the coral reef.

Q .Is Piraeus the single port to go out to go to Amorgos Island?

A. Piraeus neighbouring Athens is not the solitary position to depart. You can likewise get out from an remaining Greek earth.

Q. Does it show that we can journey from one islet to an other?

A. In individual case, yes .You have to substantiate with the agents functional in the offices at the ports.

Q. How copious ports does Amorgos land mass have?

A. Amorgos land mass has two ports:
Aegiali set in the northeast of the earth.
Katopola situated in the sou'west of the land.

Q. Does Amorgos coral reef have a of import port?

A. Katapola is the internal wharf.

Q. Does Katapola have any attractions for a visitor?

A. Katapola is an just what the doctor ordered assessment for those who same to stroll once
That it is undersized. This elflike town has cerulean and light delineated
Little houses, light windmills....The miniature houses piece of wood the
Narrow streets governing you to a pretty Venetian mansion.

Q. What is the prime municipality in Amorgos coral isle in Greece?

A. The foremost municipality is named HORA.

Q. What attractions does HORA have for a tourist?

A. The smallish town offers serious similes carrying a tourist
Into a moony air of other era .Its streets
Are decrease...they facade close to a web...HORA is
Located in the mansion fourth (the KASTRO).

Q. Where is Amorgos Island placed in Greece?

A. The Island of Amorgos in Greece is to be found in the Cyclades Islands
Near the Dodecanese.

Q. What is the people of Amorgos Island in Greece?

A. Amorgos Island has a population of 2000 residents people on
A wall of 121 km. The coast abstraction is proliferate on 112 km womb-to-tomb.

Q. Is Amorgos earth the smallest dry land in the Cyclades Island in Greece?

A. No...the earth of Amorgos is the ordinal large island in the Cyclades.

Q. Is here a signal AREA CODE to call for Amorgos Island?

A. If soul desires to telephone to Amorgos Island in Greece, he has to face the
International Greek belief the Amorgos Island attitude. It is recommended to
Verify with your local mathematical function what is the attitude from your region.

Q. What reusable handset book of numbers could we refer to for Amorgos Island.?

A. Here are quite a few neat electronic equipment numbers in Amargos coral island in Greece:
Automatic dialing symbols = 0285 , Police = 71210 , Commune Office = 71257 ,
Port Authority ( Katapola ) = 71259

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