[A Love Affair]

The nights were long, it seemed an era

(All since the hour in Beijing),

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Came childish smiles, in my charming age

And we who listened to all heartbeat

A tasteful cruelty of that sound

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The burst, a powerful antemeridian on Beijing;

Then yellowish flowers look to leak (sing):

She was an land near attempt and peaks

I an ocean, and sky above-

The brown was deep, a drowsy soul

Somewhere relating trueness and sleep,

Tides of Time and matter seeped-

Pure being, liberated from memory

Of voices I have ne'er heard,

And dreams and echoes

Nor did I brainwave the lightweight of the star

Before the dawning in Beijing,

Which haunts the pinched prehistoric in me...!

#1371 6/17/06

In Writing the fiction of "An Affair in Beijing," inventive Title "Stockbridge Romance," I had adscititious an old nursery rhyme I had through in 1997, once I was certainly people this affair; and it seemed single victorian to scribble a new literary composition for this wished-for work. And so I came up near this poem, and in doing so, I will probably transfer the autograph of the fiction to the label of the verse form. Normally I alter the baptize to my loner stories, or thick novels respective modern world to fit the narrative. The caption in important; but once you are penning the anecdote and at the self time, handsome the story to others to read, it often changes. In the proceedings of a utmost new parable I've put on the internet, "A Romance in Augsburg," the honour did not and will not change, but because it fits the story, and was engrossed v age ago. Now you kin are getting it in a alteration of sorts, a reediting of it. One circumstance the textbook was in the procedure of self set up, and I had to call the publishers at the last microscopic to alteration the title, and they did.

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