The Welsh Springer Spaniel is a beautiful and quick-witted dog that loves group. She is roughly a defender. She can do ably beside else pets and dogs, even more if socialized when young. She besides across the world loves kind brood that she has been upraised next to. As a reminder, ne'er leave a youngster unsupervised beside a whelp or dog.

Approximate Adult Size

The inexact grownup mass (two geezerhood old or old) of the staminate Welsh Springer Spaniel is 17 to 19 inches to the sensibility (highest spear of the body part) and 40 to 45 pounds. The feminine ranges from 16 to 18 inches to the sensibility and 35 to 45 pounds.

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Special Health Considerations

Most dog breeds have constant genetic well-being technical hitches associated with that limited pedigree and the Welsh Springer Spaniel is no release. Be on the outward show out for brain disease (common in dogs), entropian(hereditary disarray where eyelid, customarily belittle one, rolls incoming and irritates the tissue layer and can mete out ocular complications. Surgery can straight this must but may unfit the dog from shows) and Canine Hip Dysplasia (genetic supported looseness in the hip reciprocated that can metal to inflammatory disease backache and gimpiness). This illness schedule is an edifying guideline single. Other diseases may too be critical threats, gratify association your veterinary for a total schedule.

She should look in the doctor individual present time in the front year for shots, amplifier and order of payment up. Then, as an adult, she should stop by the veterinary once a year for shots and keep an eye on up. As she gets older, six age and on, she should look in the veterinary surgeon twofold a yr for examine ups and shots. Remember; forestall ingestion your dog sweets.

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The Welsh Springer Spaniel has a soft, flat, consecutive and solid coat. You may deprivation to muse pulsed office activity. Her body covering involving her toes may obligation decoration once in a while. She should be brushed characteristically. Brushing will aid her maintain a dry-cleaned and good coat, help out you keep hold of a somebody eye on her upbeat and make stronger your stormy enslaved with her.
Her ears should be restrained erstwhile a week and be kept spruce. If you have her professionally groomed, make convinced ear improvement and examination is part of the pack. No liquid or overkill fluid should get in the dogs ears, and do not try to irrigate the ears. Ear cleaning is too elaborate and reproving to learn present. Look for coat escalating in the ear canal, remainder wax, or moisture. If her ears have a discharge, cruel scent or she seems to be in displease and you shady an infection, or tumor, ask your vet.

Her dentition should be brushed at tiniest two times a period of time near toothpaste and toiletry planned for dogs. Brushing removes the mountain of fleck and salt which can inflict cavities (rarely) and periodontic malady. Dog dentistry malady can lead to pain, loss of teeth, bad activity and opposite overserious illness.

Her toenails may requirement to be examined for cancer and clipped habitually. The toenails of the rearward feet grow slower than the toenails of the fascia feet.

Life Span

The Welsh Springer Spaniel can on stage betwixt 12 and 14 age beside proper nutrition, medical tending and without equal conscious provisions.


The Welsh Springer Spaniel come in from Wales where on earth they were used for hunting, retrieving and timekeeper dogs.They were original registered by the American Kennel Association in 1914.

Some Registries

  • The Welsh Springer Spaniel Club of America, Inc.
  • UKC United Kennel Club
  • NKC National Kennel Club
  • CKC Continental Kennel Club
  • APRI Americas Pet Registry Inc.
  • AKC American Kennel Club
  • FCI Federation Cynologique Internationale
  • NZKC New Zealand Kennel Club
  • KCGB Kennel Club of Great Britain
  • ANKC Australian National Kennel Club
  • ACR American Canine Registry

Litter Size

6 to 10 Welsh Springer Spaniel puppies


Gundog, Sporting

Terms To Describe

Active, loyal, affectionate, happy, willing, nociceptive.


  • Makes a angelic examine dog.


  • Makes a penniless protector dog.
  • Some may stray off after a olfactory sensation.

Other Names Known By

Starter, Welsh Cocker

Every dog is an one-on-one so not everything in this content may be proper for your dog. This numbers is meant as a good hope line single.

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