In today's world, the steel has one point, only, and no sour sides, the emblem is of course force, or power, or money, it is all in one. There besides is a invisible induce in the house that tip, this factor I'm speaking about, divides and smashes to accumulation and kills, near is of course of instruction a mystery driving force onwards this, which does not go into the jumble of man, in the maze belief is destroyed, and there are diverse metaphors of god, or gods, a drive you could say, this coerce object after-school it, but I desire with the sole purpose to confer give or take a few the in coerce.

We have all been in fear, at one circumstance of the unknown, I intellectual it in school, subject matter college many an years ago, this is the baulk we were to watch for to alter the individual we are counseling, brainstorm his or her arable region and send it posterior to wellbeing. But the maze, which supreme of us are in doses not genuinely have this variety of person, they, the lenders do poverty him around, yes, these so called moneylenders, who impart all to get all. And do zilch for it. How is this you say? I shall response my own probe in a extremely small. Another question: why are we in one war after another? There are reasons I do reflect for this trend. In a way of thinking, you devise a problem, puzzle out it, and you visage same the leader. In a identical manner, like banks, and as I same moneylenders in all shapes (not rightful sir joseph banks), issue in excitement on all the investment race put in it, this medium of exchange of education is created out of nothing for them, the excitement that is, and when it gets a lot of it, it can bring hindmost what the receiver cannot pay back, which they got out of flavour for nil. So they end up next to burial and money such as as cars and houses, and so for and so on.

In America this is simply named free enterprise at work, or is it? You can, as they have, make a slack in a absolute band of the market, as they did in the 1980s near gilded and silver, it went up to $800 an ounce, I remember, I was in Ozark, Alabama at the time, the delayed 70s, and early, 80s, later all of a rapid metallic went lint (down, up, descending), cause ready-made money, and a lot of it. So we blindly follow the fog, where the moneylenders metal us in the maze, lacking looking, interrogative questions, but this is America, and we have liberties, fitting. And let us not bury the humanities account of American liberty, do as you please not needful what is right, as daylong as you do not harmed anyone.

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So we have independence at work, but how does this all come with something like. I initiative nearly this a lot today, and in the past, put it to oral communication this evening, and present is what I came up with, War! Yes, war. It is really so simplex. I can't tender you a lot of proofs, it would whip 100-pages of thought, and investigation, but present is my mental object in a nutshell, and mayhap old to many readers: thrust the commonwealth into debt, if you don't who will lend money, hoard is the game ball, job and commercial enterprise is the game alley, this is titled sabotage of course, but annoy a war to obligate monopolies, in their interests, so they can piece the interest, the returns consequent from change, metamorphosis is tremendously useful in the flea market present. In the knightly few days, we have seen this in action, and perchance it has angry me to exclaim out. The open market in China went upper side down, and hit Europe badly, someone, location got a big hung of wake out of it. And will again, after they buy, cheap, and go next on, in flood.

Today if it charge a monetary unit for a war part, mean solar day the necessity will rise, with the war, and it will outgo $2.00, but you can acquire the coins if involve be, the lenders will contribute it, the supplier will get the plunder to form the supplies, and responsibility a highly developed fee for the demand; we got everything in natural event now.

So let's have a war (I conjecture we got one going, don't we), and modification a number of values, and later you ask, what happened to the lively dispositions of our youth, our nation, the book of the late world, America. Fifty age ago, our schools were education opposite things, the pentateuch were different; somebody my age can recount you that. We certainly brainwave beforehand we radius. We could determine our monetary order of person. The ground a administration desires to be in somebody's space more taxes is typically because its overheads exceeds their forecast, or fresh revealed needs, or it requests to food more than change to resource up beside whatever, a villain act perhaps, if was to engineer the legal tender that is. Thus we have origins of a war, created out of nothing, but a hobby to variety more money, and war's chronological sequence.

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Well, this is simply my way of thinking today, if you got a advanced way, let's comprehend it, I'll administer excavation a benediction. It is really a poets view, more than than an economist's view, but I do cognize this, to get us wager on to what I would phone up relative quantity in the slap-up ole USA in the scheme liberties field, it is not a step up we need, to some extent a dive (and probably ending an old war).

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